Our Story

We are now making wine at Honey Bear Ranch, inspired by Carlo's fond childhood memories helping his Nonno (Italian for "grandfather") make wine for the family with fruit from their vines and orchard.  We are turning our organic, estate grown apples into crisp, sparkling apple wines and hard cider. We also source quality grapes from local vineyards in El Dorado County and other local appellations, and ultimately, from our own new estate vineyard.


Our biggest challenge before was keeping a local brown bear from destroying our beehives for the honey. We lost that battle in 2013 when our last beehive succumed to the bear.  Hence, our wines are called Orso Dolce, Italian for "sweet bear", in honor of our sweet-toothed "honey bear". 


Come visit our Ranch, sip our wines and enjoy the beauty of Apple Hill. 

Honey Bear Ranch Winery  & Cafe